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3 min readApr 23, 2021


We promised to always make sure that we do the best we can for our project and also the community as a whole.

BitMart list Fox Finance(FOX) on its digital assets platform on April 23, 2021. The following trading pair will be available: FOX/USDT. Please note the available dates for different functions below:

Deposit feature was 4/22/2021 04:00 AM (EDT)

Trade feature was 4/23/2021 04:00 AM (EDT)

Withdrawal feature was 4/24/2021 04:00 AM (EDT)

Fox Finance BitMart FAQ

Why did you decide on listing on BitMart first?

One word: Exposure. Bitmart is a fast-growing CEX that is certified in both the US and Hong Kong. The goal is to bring more people into the FOX ecosystem.

Will the price be different on BitMart than on PancakeSwap and 1inch?

There may be minor differences in price, and investors can choose the platform to meet their needs.

How will buying on BitMart be different than going with PancakeSwap or 1inch?

Bitmart is a fiat on/off-ramp and will allow the USDT/FOX pair. Think of it like buying a token on Binance or KuCoin instead of swapping.

Will there be a difference between the tax and distribution to holders on BitMart vs. TrustWallet/MetaMask?

Both ecosystems will have a 12% fee structure. In Bitmart, 6% of every USDT/FOX swap goes to liquidity, and 6% of every USDT/FOX swap goes to all Bitmart FOX holders by stake, paid out once a month. This is the same arrangement used by SAFEMOON with Bitmart and described in their press release.

I’m kind of worried. I’ve heard some terrible things about BitMart.

Every CEX has its issues, look at Binance right now! That said, it’s a certified exchange and one of several we’ll be looking at. If you don’t want to use BitMart, keep using your own wallet and Pancakeswap or 1Inch!

I read that Binance is slowing down deposits and withdrawals due to traffic. Should I be worried?

Currently, the entire crypto space, and particularly the BSC space, is enduring incredible amounts of traffic. Ultimately, this is VERY good for us! The key thing to remember is this: You can still use Pancakeswap and 1Inch to swap FOX!!! There is no need to transfer into Bitmart unless you have a strong need to do so, and you will be charged fees for doing so. Bitmart is a tool for fiat on/off-ramp, not a requirement!

What do I do if I transfer FOX to Bitmart and don’t see it?

It can definitely take some time for the transfer to go through. If you are worried, you can contact Bitmart support.


Binance is a world-class exchange. Obviously, we would love to be listed on Binance, but we’re not at that stage in our growth yet. Get out there and bring new people into FOX so we can be!


Lambos are not very environmentally friendly. Maybe WEN TESLA?

Fox Finance

Fox Finance is a deflationary reflection token on the Binance Smart Chain that joins investors, innovative decentralized products, and the wild world around us.